Saturday, March 8, 2008


writing this down so i remembr

profit margins
cab rides home
much love to homies
making out with the worlds most beautiful girl
telling my lifelong crush that he was my lifelong crush
dancing on stage
cool kids as played by paul
getting hit on by girls?
stealing joes hat! it looked better on me homie.
puking on my shoes
puking on everything
puking in the albert bathroom
crying when i got home
steve being the best friedn anyone couold ever have ever
publish this shit to facebook tomorrow
ghost world is on teletoon!
dont get this drunk ever.
im fucking retarded.
i cant worry about htese people.
i need to be in my warm bed right now sleeping please.

i love you satjeet and joe. so much. you're such good friends thank you for taking care of me.

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