Saturday, March 1, 2008

Exciting Weekends Part One.

SO! I had a little bout with the anxiety, but I should be back on track.

Things are okay! I've been going out alot, but thats okay! I'm also flat broke, but that may be the result of going out all the time. Hah.

I need to start chronicling my weekends alot better because they've started to be a little bit crazy, and I would be nice to be able to remember some of them.

Like how on the long weekend, I was out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! But for the life of me, I cannot remember what I did in detail. OH! Now I remember.
Friday was Red Bull 3 Style with Janelle, Steve, and Sarah

(photo by Paul Corvin)

Saturday was the Toad with everyone ever. No pictures, but I drank about a liter of gin to myself, and was beautifully drunk all night. Probably for the best there was no pictures hah.

Sunday was DJ Eleven at the Pyramid, and it was probably one of the best parties so far.

(photo by Brittany Hildebrandt)

Then I had to work all week. Blah blah blah.

Then LAST weekend...

Friday was Jokers Of The Scene, where I went with Steve, but he bailed super early, so I hung out with Karlie, Amanda, Dani, Ryse et al. I have to tell you that them Exchange Event Centre makes the BEST vodka lime and water's EVER.

here is one of said VLW's dripping down my shirt.

Saturday was White Teez and Stunnah Shadez with Sarah Pogz. That was a fucking crazy night. There were fights, someone through a beer bottle at the DJs, Lauren got punched in the face. Obviously it started sucking, so when I got a txt from Kody that him and some friends were at the Windsor, you know I was down for escaping. So me and Lauren walked over there and partied there till they closed the bar. Lauren went home and I went to hang out at Kody's friend's Nik's place until about 3:30 when Kody and I walked home and I passed out. (I'm assuming he did too. Hah)

Then I had to work all week again. Boo.

This weekend is looking promising as well. First of all, yesterday I went to Electric Babylon to book an appointment for my FIRST TATTOO EVER! I'm going to see Andrew (aka Panda), and hes doing me a trad style panda with flowers and bamboo. I'm VERY excited. I have a couple months to get pumped about it, but I will be so happy once I see a drawing.

Then last night I went to see Crystal Castles and Health with Steve, Karlie and Amber. Pretty much anyone who is ANYONE was there. It was a blast. I'll post more about this on Sunday.

Tonite is Getting Cold Stupid with Cupid: Hockey vs Rap. I'm excited!

I'll be surprised if anyone actually took the time to read this. Lol. Cross posted to Facebook and Blogger.

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