Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning Round-up.

Good morning!

This week has been incredibly rough on me, I have to say. Work is stressfull, my roommate came back, and its been raining a bit here. Last weekend I barely got anything accomplished that I wanted to get done, so I think that contributed to the whole week being thrown off kilter. But a few good things did happen for sure! Let's make a list of them:

My shoes came in at Urban Bakery! These are the ones I will be getting as soon as my next paycheck comes in:

I also have these ones on hold:

so I can't wait for some new shoes!

My panda necklace also came in the mail! Very exciting. If you are interested in anything from this woman, I would say snatch it up quick! Her pieces are BEAUTIFUL and very original (I looked everywhere for a panda charm like this, all I could find was owls and deers in stores, blech) and her prices are SO reasonable (I've seen pieces like these elsewhere for $100+). Here is a link to her eBay store

With the return of my roommate came 1.89 liters of Turkey Hill Raspberry Iced Tea and M.I.A.-Kala on vinyl!

I moved my painting and screen printing stuff into the new shared studio space! (Pictures to come soon)

And to cap everything off, my boss at work is going to buy me the 36"x36" quarter inch plexi I need for my exposure unit!! Woo!! I've worked up some plans which I plan on posting online once I am finished, but basically the idea for my unit is going to be an all in one for storage, exposing, and hand printing, with only a 3ft squared shop footprint! Now if only I could find one of these tiny adorable drying racks.

Today, I am hoping to hit  a couple of places to go looking for a bike. Wish me luck!
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things I am going to do, or have done this week/end.

I get more done before 9 a.m. than the army!

This morning, I lost my tweezers (poo), called my bank to fix things up (yay), and threw out all the garbage in my bedroom (finally).

Today, I have Kara's grad, taking her to get her makeup done, hopefully she can come over for a little bit after to help straighten the back of my hair? Ha. And hopefully Siuleen has a minute to do my eyebrows.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be building one of these:

and then going to meet Walter to give him the checks for our studio space!! So excited.

Yesterday I went to the Urban Bakery to give them these:

and pick up these:

my next big purchase will probably be a new bike, something along the lines of these:

and if anyone is so inclined to spend $12,000 on little old me, Chanel makes a fabulous coaster bike!

(all bike pictures taken from coolhunting's article on bikes for girls. squee!)
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Monday, June 16, 2008

My favorite thing to do is complain...

I just need to say something about this

(this ad chosen specifically for someone special. heh)

I'm sorry, but evolution in an area is NORMAL. The village has been steadily changing for the past TEN YEARS! I've lived near here for almost my entire life and yes, there is "chains" moving in, but as far as I know, there has always been "chains"? Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.. Oh, so sad, a Starbucks moves into a neighbourhood. People cry out; OH NOES, THE LOCAL COFFEE SHOP OF SECOND CUP WILL LOSE TEH BUSINESS! (Um, Second Cup is also a chain!).. American Apparel moves in, and, despite the fact that I don't think they have a store in ANY MALL across North America, people of Winnipeg say PUT THAT SHIT IN POLO PARK WHERE IT BELONGS!! (Again, wtf). There are so many great local clothing store surrounding AA, that if you really don't like the fact that they "took over" the neighbourhood, shop at the local stores!!!!!!! I haven't heard a single local shop owner complain about the fact that AA has moved in. It has opened up many more jobs than the Collective could ever have offered, it brings teh kidz with the parents money out from the suburbs to spend not only in AA, but in Hush, Shout, Out of the Blue, and Mixtape, and gave a much needed facelift to a building that was basically one of the ugliest structures in the village (peeling ass red and blue paint with a terrible awning that was torn and falling apart, broken windows, and black frames around all of them, dark and gloomy all around, and yes I admit that brown maybe isn't the nicest colour, but they really brightened up the whole area with their well lit windows and bright coloured displays).

I'm sorry that you all lost your precious Indie night, 80's night, and Goth night, but lets face it, Indie has been replaced by Dj Nights, 90's are the new 80's, and if you still went to goth night, I really don't care about your opinion on things. (Just kidding, but really? Goth night?)

I'm sure once this trend of tights and teeshirts, Arafat scarves and fake Wayfarers, skinny jeans and gladiator sandles ends, American Apparel will go the way of the rave stores and the many many used cd shops that used to grace the village at one point.

slash end rant.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When I'm bored, I Blog.

I've been checking out alot of really cool blogs today, and wish i could keep up with my blogging better.

So this is my promise to you, my readers, that I am going to try to make this blog more substantial and interesting for you to read.

And to start:

"If you give me any amount of money I will cash it, put it in my pocket, grab my camera, and walk out my front door not knowing what I will do. I will then travel somewhere for as cheap as possible. I will keep just enough money so that I can get back. I will send you all the receipts and documentation of this. This is for any amount. If you give me $1 maybe I will walk out my door and buy a chocolate bar and then come home. If you give me $123 maybe I will get on a greyhound bus headed for who knows where. I will go somewhere and I will send you photos of there."

This guy is awesome.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A good update for once.

Just copped two panda related items for myself.
To make myself feel better of course.


(the urban bakery)
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I dont know what else to say anymore.

But it sure is nice when you are visibly having panic attacks and the shakes and being really fucked up, and you have NO ONE to talk to. No one to comfort you. Not one single person in the whole world to understand you.

I hate this city. Would really like to get the fuck out. Kthnks.
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