Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Morning Round-up.

Good morning!

This week has been incredibly rough on me, I have to say. Work is stressfull, my roommate came back, and its been raining a bit here. Last weekend I barely got anything accomplished that I wanted to get done, so I think that contributed to the whole week being thrown off kilter. But a few good things did happen for sure! Let's make a list of them:

My shoes came in at Urban Bakery! These are the ones I will be getting as soon as my next paycheck comes in:

I also have these ones on hold:

so I can't wait for some new shoes!

My panda necklace also came in the mail! Very exciting. If you are interested in anything from this woman, I would say snatch it up quick! Her pieces are BEAUTIFUL and very original (I looked everywhere for a panda charm like this, all I could find was owls and deers in stores, blech) and her prices are SO reasonable (I've seen pieces like these elsewhere for $100+). Here is a link to her eBay store

With the return of my roommate came 1.89 liters of Turkey Hill Raspberry Iced Tea and M.I.A.-Kala on vinyl!

I moved my painting and screen printing stuff into the new shared studio space! (Pictures to come soon)

And to cap everything off, my boss at work is going to buy me the 36"x36" quarter inch plexi I need for my exposure unit!! Woo!! I've worked up some plans which I plan on posting online once I am finished, but basically the idea for my unit is going to be an all in one for storage, exposing, and hand printing, with only a 3ft squared shop footprint! Now if only I could find one of these tiny adorable drying racks.

Today, I am hoping to hit  a couple of places to go looking for a bike. Wish me luck!
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s said...

Hey are you looking for vintage bikes or a new bike? Because we carry electra bikes at work, they are so hot, look it up! 50-75% off. :D

aggiecore1984 said...

sended you a facebook.