Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things I am going to do, or have done this week/end.

I get more done before 9 a.m. than the army!

This morning, I lost my tweezers (poo), called my bank to fix things up (yay), and threw out all the garbage in my bedroom (finally).

Today, I have Kara's grad, taking her to get her makeup done, hopefully she can come over for a little bit after to help straighten the back of my hair? Ha. And hopefully Siuleen has a minute to do my eyebrows.

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be building one of these:

and then going to meet Walter to give him the checks for our studio space!! So excited.

Yesterday I went to the Urban Bakery to give them these:

and pick up these:

my next big purchase will probably be a new bike, something along the lines of these:

and if anyone is so inclined to spend $12,000 on little old me, Chanel makes a fabulous coaster bike!

(all bike pictures taken from coolhunting's article on bikes for girls. squee!)
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Stefanie said...

Aggie! It's Stef! Just wanted to pop in and say you have really good taste in both bikes and kixxxxx