Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blog about Minneapolis (finally)

So have I mentioned how much I love Minneapolis?
My Auntie Sheila and Uncle Patrick were going to Minneapolis to visit their cousin Amanda (my second cousin) and they decided to take me along with them! Yay!
So we left at about 10, and after a 45 minute wait at the boarder, we were on our way!
A quick stop in Grand Forks at th Target for lunch yielded some awesome results. For $7 I got 4 mini bagel sandwiches and an awesome fruit and yogurt parfait with raspberries and mangoes and granola!

The rest of the drive flew by with some good tunes and good hanging out. Turns out my Auntie loves Soljah Boy. Who knew?
We saw an overpass that was being held up by a guy in a cherry picker, and it turns out that a sanitation truck didn't have its ladder all the way down and took out a chunk of the overpass. Weird.
We stopped off for some shopping in Albertville. Which is always awesome. Got a few things.
When we got to Minneapolis and we checked into our hotel room. I had my own room on a completely separate floor and everything! It was awesome.

(Big flat screen tv for watching Cartoon Network)
We ate at a restaurant called Majors and then crashed early to be prepared for the next day.
Saturday we woke up early and went for breakfast at Ikea! We hit the Mall of America where I was given free reign to wander at my own whims as long as I met up at the appointed times. It was awesome, and it only took me about 3 hours to look everywhere I wanted to! However, Auntie Sheila had never been to the Mall before, so it took her a bit longer. We ate a late lunch at an Italian bistro in the mall, which was tasty.
When we were done we all went back to our hotel rooms to freshen up so we could go for dinner. This was our big dinner night so we decided on a place called Chino Latino which was AMAZING. If you ever get a chance to go, make sure you do. Everyone else decided to drink in the hotel bar after, and I went to bed early.
Sunday morning we drove to downtown, to the fancy Nicolette Mall. We ate breakfast at an Irish pub called the Local. Super great food and good service, would recommend. We shopped at Macy's and Sak's off Fifth. Then we jumped back to the mall for a quick jaunt, and then we were on our way home.
All and all a productive trip! I had alot of fun and let my Auntie in on a bit of my life. She now likes Girltalk, MIA, and the Cool Kids. And she also got some crazy deals!
I'm happy with what I bought too.

clockwise from l-r: zoo york deep v, zoo york krylon tee, miska logo tee, i <3 haters DGK hoodie, air flight '89s, bumper car dunks, panda lows, huf fours, krew crackle shirt


OH YEAH. these are things I had to pass on because they didn't have my size.
-Adidas Top Tens in purple and lime green
-Nike Air Assault lows in white
-Nike Air Assault highs in black and green
-Nike Air Flight 89s in white with the crazy coloured bottom.

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