Sunday, April 13, 2008

honest to blog....

I just have nothing to say as of late.
I've been working my ass off at work, trying to get my living space organized, and trying to make some art because I'm in a creativity lull right now (i just spelled that as lul, as in "epic luls"...I read too many lolcats).
Chopped my hair off on friday, went out and had a shit time at the bar, but looked damn good doing it?
I'm also looking at dropping a couple good chunks of change right now, one on that LRG limited edition panda watch, and another huge on on a new camera, a Cannon XTI to be exact.
Been staying up way too late too. So off to bed I go!
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Allan L. said...

I gotta see this hair.

aggiecore1984 said...

its not that short, its just way more layers... but the pile of hair under the chair when i was done was IMMENSE. i probably lost half of what i had!