Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why Drinking And Emotions Dont Mix.

I don't like that I let me emotions get the best of me. Ended up crying on my girl friend's arm last night when I got too drunk to stand. She came back to my place to make sure I was okay. She walked me all the way home in the cold because that's what a good friend does. And it was the first time I had really let myself cry (turns out you have to be weak to cry, and since I've been so fucking strong this week, i wouldn't let myself cry). I can't deal with the emotional outpourings of other drunk people, either. I'm such a fucking bitch right? I expect my friends to be there for me and take care of me, but I fail when they are reaching out to me. I don't think that I believe in emotions anymore. I think that I will just let them float out of my body. Who needs the hassle of happiness when you can be stoic. Who needs to deal with sadness when you can just not. Who needs a human connection of love if it will only bring the emotions of hurt and sadness. So I say to hell with that. I'm okay with being okay.

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