Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ah.. Sunday Morning..

The perfect time to spend 20 minutes picking the perfect Simpsons quote for my Facebook page, only to change my mind about what I want it to be in another half an hour.

This weekend has so far been a blast. I feel like I should call it New Years, the Redux, because I actually got to see a bunch of people I liked, go dancing, look hot, and have fun, but without the stress of New Years.

Have I mentioned that I have some of the most gorgeous and awesome friends in the whole world? Seriously, the amount of hot people in my social circle would make most people insanely jealous. And when we all get together in one place it's amazing. If you want proof of the hotness of my friends, check out my Flickr in the bar on the left.

So this Friday, I went out to the Pyramid to see my friends DJ. Good music, good friends, all around good times. My friends Allan and Sarah came out, which is awesome because with their crazy lives, they almost never make it out to these things. Danced almost the whole night, and saw alot of people I hadn't seen in a very long time. Those are the best kind of nights I think.

And yesterday I went bowling with my friends Andre and Steve. Admittedly, as much as I do like going out to the bar, having a drink, dancing, and what not, it isn't very conducive to conversations. Plus who doesn't love throwing balls at pins to knock them down! For the record, I am a very violent bowler, and still can't hit a pin for the life of me. After throwing balls, we walked down to my old hood, and ate some pizza and cake at Cafe 22. Had a really good, long talk about life and things in general. It was a great night and what I think this year should be all about for me.

Today the plan is to hopefully get all my laundry finished, get down to the Y to get my gym pass, and maybe hit a mall to see if i can find a (yuck) sports bra and some (yay) cute work out clothes. Hah. I have to admit, I'm very excited about joining a gym. And I'm even more excited that I'm excited about it. This is something I've been needing to do for years now, and my anxiety and depression had blocked the ability to do things for so long, but now I'm saying enough is enough. I need to get in shape! I want to look good and feel good! I want to be able to run without being winded! My health is so important, and since I'm not very good at balancing what I eat (yet, thats a whole other goal for this year), working out is a good option to lose weight and feel better about myself.

So off I go to start the day! Oh! And if you have a blog, and want me to link it in the side, let me know! I know only my friends will be reading this, but I would like to have a handy collection of links to my friends blogs on the side of my blog! Hah!

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Allan L. said...

AG! Yer bloggin'! YAY! Keep it up, cutie!